Une agence engagée auprès d'artistes hors du commun


Chez INOUÏE, nous aimons partir à la découverte de musicien·ne·x·s extraordinaires, libres et sans précédent. Qu’iels soient émergent·e·x·s ou confirmé·e·x·s,  nos artistes reflètent la diversité de notre époque: engagement, indépendance et quête de sens. Nous accompagnons, développons et révélons chaque artiste sur les meilleures scènes suisses grâce à un solide réseau de partenaires. Nous nous engageons à créer sur la durée un rapport de confiance, de transparence et de bienveillance entre toutes celles et ceux que nous côtoyons.

The INOUÏE agency was launched in June 2021 by Lola Nada and Carole Harari.  It was born from the current needs of artists and the new practices within the music industry.


Combining our experience in booking and programming as well as in communication and promotion, we are bringing together our respective perspectives, integrating our different skills and know-how. Together, we are building a collective and cohesive adventure. We embrace our mixed heritage, our identity, our diversity.  We are one, we are many.


The INOUÏE logo? It was made by Zoé, 5 years old!

Why is it so much like us? Because it reflects joy and spontaneity.  But with a twist of  wavering and deliciously imperfect elements… A smooth imperfection which reflects the authenticity and uniqueness of our agency!

By accepting this imperfection, we celebrate diversity. As for the spontaneity that springs out from INOUÏE,  it is a symbol of our desire for humanity, freedom, openness and acceptance,.

This visual identity created around Zoe's drawing is developped by Geneva-based graphic designer Ludivine Cornaglia . We'd like to thank her for her talent and precious support!